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intentionally crafted stationery

worthy of a lifetime of cherishing


The invitation is the first look into one of the most significant days of your life, so we take great care to craft intentional stationery that truly reflects and gets to the core of you your partner’s story. We design pieces that are more than just a wedding invitation, but rather works of art you'll cherish for years to come and pass down as heirlooms.


custom stationery

At the heart of it, we believe in creating work that speaks to our clients' souls, letting their hopes and dreams for the future—who they are and who they aspire to be—live and breathe on the pages of their wedding stationery. Our custom stationery is created to do just that. Through the design process, we'll not only discuss the vision for your wedding, but the vision you have for your life.


semi-custom collection

The semi-custom collection was designed for couples who are on a tighter deadline or budget. Through color choices, printing methods, papers, and finishing touches like calligraphy addressing and wax seals, these suites are still highly customizable. You’ll receive a beautiful, high quality suite at a more affordable rate, and have the boutique experience of higher budget couples.

Fine Art Calligraphy Addressing by Caitlin O'Bryant Design. Photo by Mylyn Wood Photography. Wedding invitations and stationery with vintage postage. Light and airy weddings.

calligraphy addressing

The first peek of your wedding is one guests will remember. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication with calligraphy envelope addressing.

Branding and logo design for creative small businesses. Elegant and timeless logos that emphasize core values.

branding for creatives

Successful branding for small businesses is key to reaching ideal clients. We design timeless, hand-drawn logos that emphasizes core values.