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Stationery and Calligraphy on Your Wedding Day

Although invitations are arguably the most important paper goods you’ll order for your wedding, the need for stationery and calligraphy doesn’t stop there. Having written and displayed information present for guests on the day of will make a much smoother experience and help them navigate the ins and outs of the day. Even more, these items can (and should) continue themes from your invitations, creating a complete bridge from concept to reality.

Today I’m talking all about stationery and calligraphy on your wedding day—what to consider ordering, when to order it, and all the different ways you can go about it.

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A 101 Guide to Stationery Lingo

I want to make my part of the planning process as easy and understandable as possible for my clients, so today, I’m giving clear cut definitions to the most commonly used terms in wedding stationery.

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Wedding Etiquette: Invitation Wording

In the Invitation Wording Guide, I’ve broken each element of invitation wording, and walk you through the proper wording for each section based on your circumstances. While I love traditional etiquette, it’s not necessarily the right route for every couple, so I’ve also included tips on how to word a more contemporary and modern wedding invitation. Even more, the guide also includes information on who gets an invitation and when to mail them out!

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