Wedding Etiquette: Envelope Addressing


The idea of following formal etiquette for your wedding can seem overwhelming and intimidating. There are tons of rules, exceptions, and reasons behind each one. To some couples, etiquette may just feel unnecessary.

While it honestly can get pretty complicated, using etiquette on envelopes is a really beautiful way to honor your guests. Using correct honorifics (titles like Mr, Mrs, Mx, etc.) and doing little things like spelling out street names show them that you’ve put time, thought, and care into their guest experience (and hired vendors who do the same). Those details say so much about who you are and how your wedding day will go.

I believe that the couples who hire me for their stationery and/or calligraphy shouldn’t have to worry too much about the nitty gritty—that’s what I’m there for. They should be able to sit back and really enjoy the process, so with the information they give me about their guests and wedding, I pull together wording and addressing formats for their circumstances.

That being said, being transparent in our process is important, and even more, I think the ability to utilize formal etiquette shouldn’t just be reserved for couples who can afford luxury stationery. Those reasons are why I designed our etiquette guides!


what’s included

In the Envelope Addressing Guide, I’ve broken down how to properly address invitations for every kind of wedding guest, along with tips on who all needs their own copy. LGBTQ+ and non-binary addressing formats included, along with formats for couples in ~modern~ living situations, roommates, and more!

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