Wedding Etiquette: Invitation Wording


Figuring out the correct wording for your wedding invitations can be a lengthy process if you aren’t familiar with the rules of etiquette. Each line on an invitation has its own rules and meanings, and specific word choices clue guests in to what they can expect on the day of.

It’s true, wading your way through etiquette rules can be confusing and exhausting. But, invitations are about so much more than just surface appearance. By using the correct verbiage, there’s less room for confusion or miscommunication, and the end result is a an all encompassing timelessness and elegance in your stationery. As with everything in wedding planning, the effort put into the details say a lot about who you are and how your day will go.

I believe that the couples who hire me for their stationery and/or calligraphy shouldn’t have to worry too much about the nitty gritty—that’s what I’m there for. They should be able to sit back and really enjoy the process, so with the information they give me about their guests and wedding, I pull together wording and addressing formats for their circumstances.

That being said, being transparent in our process is important, and even more, I think the ability to utilize formal etiquette shouldn’t just be reserved for couples who can afford luxury stationery. Those reasons are why I designed our etiquette guides!



In the Invitation Wording Guide, I’ve broken each element of invitation wording, and walk you through the proper wording for each section based on your circumstances. While I love traditional etiquette, it’s not necessarily the right route for every couple, so I’ve also included tips on how to word a more contemporary wedding invitation. Even more, the guide also includes information on who gets an invitation and when to mail them out!

Etiquette for Wording Wedding Invitations by Caitlin O'Bryant Design. Formal and informal wedding invitation etiquette.