Why Custom Wedding Invitations

The benefits of custom wedding invitations. Why choose custom wedding stationery.

wedding planning priorities

After you’ve taken time to bask in that post-engagement glow, the first thing to do is set priorities for your day. The harsh reality of planning a wedding is that it can get expensive, so if you are able to go in with a clear direction and defined budget, it will make the process so much simpler. In order to make the most of your budget (whether it’s $5,000 or $500,000), you will need to figure out what elements you’re willing to spend more on, and which ones you’re okay with taking a back seat.

Determining elements that aren’t as important to you may seem like you’re setting yourself up for a less than spectacular wedding, but really it’s just the opposite. By determining your priorities, you’ll be able to make sure all the other pieces enhance what’s most important, creating a cohesive and beautiful event. For example, if you splurge a little on your dream venue, you can feature its beautiful facade or on invitations with an illustration.

Each couple will have their own needs and wants, and that’s okay! There is no strict formula for how you need to allocate your budget, or one way to go about it. Just be sure that you’re choosing your priorities for the right reasons.

the right reasons

  • They make you and your partner happy

  • They reflect who you are/your values

  • They make your day as special and unique as you envision

the wrong reasons

  • Familial or peer pressure

  • “That’s what ______ did”

  • “That’s what we’re supposed to do”

Why choose custom wedding invitations.

Why stationery is worth it

I’m not here to try to sell you on something you simply don’t want, or something that just doesn’t fit in your budget. Like I said, everyone has different priorities, and that’s okay! At the end of the day, I want to work with couples who are truly and honestly excited about their invitations and all the possibilities.

That being said, I believe that invitations and paper goods are worth prioritizing—or, at the very least, worth investing some time and thought into. Here’s why:

  • Along with photos or videos, stationery is one element that can last long beyond your wedding day.

  • Even more, it’s a tangible memento. If you invest thought into your materials, people will see the value and love in those choices. (Basically, they won’t through them out if there’s craft and quality there.)

  • It’s the one thing that guests get to see and experience beforehand. If done right, it will have a special place in their home leading up to (and maybe even after) the big day, whether that’s the fridge, a special box, display board, scrapbook, or elsewhere.

  • When done well, stationery makes your loved ones feel incredibly special. It’s a gift from you to them, and if the quality, craft, and care are there, they will feel truly honored and excited to be included in your day, just by looking at and holding the invitation.

  • It’s an heirloom. It acts as a record of a significant change in your life, and if quality materials are used, it can be passed down for generations.

So, even if your venue, entertainment, food, and florals are higher on the priority list overall, it’s 100% worth it to invest some serious thought and consideration into your paper goods—or hire someone who will put that care in for you.

the benefits of custom stationery

work one-on-one

There is a process behind that beautiful stationery you see in magazines and on Instagram. You can’t just hop into the store and pick some up. Really, even semi-custom stationery still has to be personalized to you. Working one-on-one with a custom stationer will allow you to explore the ways in which you can express yourself and your values through paper. They’ll be by your side to inspire, educate, and make the suite of your dreams.

designed for you

While semi-custom stationery can absolutely be personalized to you, those changes can only go so far. Custom means that every little detail—from the colors to the layout, to the paper and printing—is designed and fitted for you and your event. Every element of your wedding and your own personalities can be used as inspiration and fuel for your stationery.

solutions that work for you

You make think that seems overwhelming. After all, the options out there are endless! But, I’m there to make it all manageable. As the designer, it’s my job to filter through the thousands of options and find one or two that are right for you, both aesthetically and budget-wise.

In many cases, couples can’t always afford everything on their stationery wish list. If handling things on your own (through an online retailer, DIY, or otherwise), that can be pretty devastating. But, as long as you meet my minimum budget for custom work, I will be able to find options that work for you, even if some items on your wish list are beyond your budget. If that dreamy letterpress on handmade paper is out of reach, I’ll find alternative, more affordable paper, printing, and embellishments that still have the look and feel you want.

Less to stress about

Just like hiring a wedding planner will take a weight off your shoulders, hiring a custom designer will make paper goods easier. You’ll have someone on your team with experience and know-how, and who will have your back, so you don’t have to worry about all the minute details…and trust me, there are a lot of them with stationery.

You don’t want to have to worry about how much postage your invitation envelopes will need, or what papers will work best with letterpress printing. You don’t want to research wording etiquette for hours on end or stress about how to address an envelope to your non-binary cousin and their partner. When you hire a custom stationery designer like me, you don’t have to.

you’re taken care of

I invest a lot of time, money, and energy into my business and into being the best designer I can be. With a BFA in design and ongoing education in business and related creative fields, you can trust that I have the experience to not only deliver an amazing end result, but to guide you through the process in an easy, seamless way.

At the end of the day, I genuinely care for my clients. I love bringing moments and feelings to life in a tangible way for them, and I’m truly honored to play a part in their wedding days. I take their trust, their time, and their needs seriously. That kind of care is not something you’ll get from anyone other than this kind of small business…it’s just not. By going custom, you get peace of mind knowing that I’m there to help every step of the way.

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