Frequently asked questions


can i change envelope color on semi-custom suites?

Yes! Envelope colors, printing colors, paper type, printing method, wording, calligraphy styles and fonts are all customizable on our semi-custom stationery.

do you sell calligraphy worksheets?

Currently, we do not offer calligraphy worksheets or kits in our shop. We will consider adding these items if there’s enough interest, so let us know.

Do you teach calligraphy classes?

Calligraphy classes have been an idea floating around for awhile here, but we do not have any firm plans for future workshops. If this is something you’re interested in, let us know!

how do i order invitations?

If you would like to order custom stationery, fill out our inquiry form here. If you’d like to order semi-custom invitations, there are two different ways to order: through the shop, or after inquiry. If you have questions about the suites, or are unsure which printing method and paper type is best for you, we recommend inquiring through our semi-custom inquiry. Our whole process for semi-custom suites is outlined in our semi-custom guide and our custom stationery process is outlined here.


Who owns the designs once they’re created?

Caitlin O’Bryant and Caitlin O’Bryant Design retain rights to the designs that they create. If you would like to get exclusive rights to the designs, please let us know and we will provide you with an appropriate quote. We also retain the rights to post the work we’ve designed for your project on social media. Any non “sneak peek” photos will not be posted until on or after the event date. If there is an issue with posting on social media, please let us know.

what’s the difference between custom and semi-custom?

Custom stationery is designed from scratch for you and your event. There is more customization in material, printing, and design when you choose the custom route, however cost increases. The semi-custom collection is made of pre-designed suites. These suites are still highly customizable, however the basic layout of the suite must remain the same. Semi-custom orders are less expensive and have shorter turnaround than fully custom suites.

Do you sell stationery sample boxes?

We sell sample packs of our semi-custom collection for clients who want to see the invitations in person. Email us at or message us on any of our social media profiles to request a sample pack.