Logo Design: Mylyn Wood Photography

The past few weeks in the studio have been spent working with Mylyn Wood Photography on her new logo, and I'm so pleased with the end result!

I first worked with Mylyn on the Timeless Heirloom shoot back in November, and was completely blown away by her work. I absolutely love her approach to photography and her business: genuine care, artful attention, quality, and professional kindness. These values are so apparent in her work. She’s all about feeling a photo, creating images that spark life and show you the full experience of that moment. Her photos truly breathe and live.

She wanted a new logo that supported those values—something with both strength and elegance, and a few wisps of romance. She also really wanted to pull away from a calligraphy logo, in part because she wanted something that stood out a little more, and also because she wanted something that felt more fluid with the two y’s in her name.

We went through several rounds of exploration, trying out different type styles: serif or sans-serif, high or low contrast, close or wide tracking, etc.

All of the logos I design are hand-drawn, whether it uses calligraphy or traditional type, so nailing down the style and feel of letter she wanted was the first priority. During this first round of sketches, I also include a brand inspiration board, complied of images, type choices, and illustrative elements that reflect where I see the brand and logo heading. At the end of the day, logos are all about feeling, so if there’s any discrepancy in where the sketches are at and where we want them to be, we can go back to the brand board and see what feelings we aren’t quite getting right.

The final logo uses a serif type, slightly tracked out, which brings strength and timelessness. The hand-drawn touch adds a sense of character and time into the end result. We added a subtle charcoal texture, in addition to the flourished N and quirky Os, which gives the logo that touch of romance.

I'm so excited to see all the amazing things Mylyn does with her business with this logo in tow. Her new website and rebrand launched yesterday, and if you haven't visited her website yet, check it out because it is STUNNING. If you're a small business owner looking for a timeless and elegant new logo that emphasizes your core values, I'd love to chat! You can also view more info on our branding services here!